We help you with the flexibility of your work force

The basic principle of this service is to supply our clients with the exact number of people during the periods of need. We will find the right candidates, we enter into employment contract with them and we will assign them to the user employer. Our client pays a bill for worked hours 1 time a month.

All personal and pay related activity is being taken care by us.

We offer 2 types of service in this area: Agency employment services and Try & Hire

Agency employment services

Assigning the employee to the user employer for a specific time and exactly defined position.


  • Long term work force
  • Freedom from the processes related to employee selection and hiring
  • Freedom from personal and payment related administration
  • Cash flow improvement – wages payment by the agency followed by the subsequent bill payment
  • Flexibility of the workforce

Try & Hire

Employee on the job testing for certain period of time with an option to hire the trained and tested employee into the company without additional costs.


  • Our client can test the skills and motivation of the temporary assigned employee during an agreed period of time
  • No additional fees related to exercising the option to hire the employee after agreed period of time
  • Clients decision to exercise the option or not
  • Cash flow improvement - wages payment by the agency followed by the subsequent bill payment.


  • Prospecting and selecting the employees
  • Contract and related issues administration
  • Statutory requirements administration (medical examination, Health&Safety training)
  • Additional requirements administration ( travel organization, personal health&safety equipment, work clothing, working tools and equipment)
  • Employee personal and payment related administration

Selected Projects:

  • Automotive production – 300 assigned employees and specialists in Kosice region
  • IT – a group of 10 assigned IT specialists with an IT client