Obtain Objective Feedback from your employees

Employee survey is an employee satisfaction survey that allows you to get opinions and feedback from your employees on the issues of engagement, motivation, or efficiency of their work, and provides an overview of the overall benefits of cooperation between the two sides.

Benefits of using the service through PE:

  • Employees will feel more anonymous and trustworthy as the survey is conducted by an outside company. Therefore, the results will be more objective and participation will be higher;

  • Get the information about the overall satisfaction, motivation or efficiency of employees' work and their compliance with company goals;

  • Helps you identify problem areas;

  • You will get the information about changes that might be beneficial to the company if implemented;

  • We will save your time, energy and costs associated with the survey implementation;

  • You will receive detailed information about the survey results. We will process output reports in the text, graphical, and numeric formats;

  • We will propose measures to address key issues;

Procedure of service delivery:

  • Introductory meeting with the client analysis of the requirements for the focus of survey;

  • Agreement on the method of the course of survey;

  • Implementation of the survey within a specified time upon the agreed conditions on a selected sample;

  • Processing and evaluating the results of the survey;

  • Providing survey results to the management of the company, as well as to the sample involved, with the subsequent possibility of discussing the results;

  • Providing recommendations on possible changes and advice on finding effective solutions.

Some projects:

  • Lear Corporation Seating Slovakia (automotive) A quantitative survey with about 70% participation of all employees/respondents. It was implemented by a combination of electronic and written data collection. The aim was to identify aspects for the development of middle management leadership;

  • The survey is going to be repeated again the next year with a follow-up comparison of the results found.