Assessment Center

Learn the Skills of a Prospective Employee through a Method of Assessing Competencies by Group Selection

Assessment Center (AC) is a method of group selection of candidates, which allows simulating the key moments and the most important problems of the given job content, thus better predicting the behavior of the potential employee.

We prepare a unique combination of individual and group assignments for each client that allows evaluating the scope of the participant's capabilities, suitability for a given position and for a particular work team. In addition to the candidates themselves (usually 3-10), present are the evaluators, i.e. most often our personnel staff and client representatives. Duration of the Assessment Center is variable and depends on the amount and difficulty of the tasks; however, it normally takes 3 to 8 hours.

After AC has finished, we prepare a comprehensive evaluation of candidates according to predefined competencies, upon which we can recommend the most suitable candidates and, at the same time, draw attention to possible risks.

Some projects:

  • Getrag Ford Transimssions (automotive) In 2006-2007, there were more than 120 ACs implemented with more than 600 candidates. The project was part of the cooperation during the start-up phase of the company in Slovakia;

  • Inžinierske stavby  (Engineering Constructions) (2014) The AC implemented for a position of the Financial Controller;

  • Magneti Marelli − The AC implemented during 2010-2014 for selected engineering positions, such as Team Leader, HR Specialist, Financial Controller, etc.


Training and Development

Employee Development Means the Development of the Whole Company

The goal of Trainings and Development is to develop the potential of an individual or group in areas that affect the proper functioning of the whole company (communication, leadership, managerial skills, stress management, etc.). Based on the identification of the area requiring improvement, we can provide you with training according to your individual requirements and expectations. Training is conducted under the guidance of specialized staff; it provides a change in realizing own potential and the development of the required skills in the short and long term.

Selected projects:

  • Lear Academy A leadership program for line managers. The program was attended by 60 participants;

  • Getrag Ford Transmissions An individual training for four managers focused on developing their managerial skills;

  • Group coaching for manufacturing workers (shoe industry) aimed at increasing productivity and product quality. It resulted in a 12-15% increase in productivity;

  • Inžinierske stavby (Civil engineering) An individual training for HR Specialist focused on the development of professional skills in recruiting.